2017 Worcestershire Cross Country Championships (combined with Warwickshire County Championships)

The Championships are taking place at Newbold Comyn, Leamington Spa on 7 January 2017.

I have printed off the group entry form (which is the usual preferred way of entering by most) but I’ve also copied off 3 individual entry forms if anyone wants to enter that way.  Names and money have to be with me by Friday, 9th December as I will be sending the entries off on Monday, 12th December There are no late entries.

They’ll need to let me know via email at juliecaseley@gmail.com together with their name, date of birth, age, qualification (i.e. by birth in the County, 9 months continuous residence or 9 months in a unit of HM Forces stationed in the County) and their EA Registration Number.

Only EA registered athletes are eligible, official Club colours must be worn, masters/seniors £6, all other age groups £5.  There are junior races too so the MJ Juniors need to be notified too.

Let me know if you require further information.

Many thanks.