Broadway Tower Charity 5 mile race – 27 May 2015

This was a locally organised charity race raising money for Worcestershire Breast Care Unit.  Car parking was in a field and Race HQ and signing on was in Broadway.  It was a cool evening and there was a 10 min walk to the start just off the main road.  The run was along bridleways, footpaths and through fields with a 2.5 mile run uphill to Broadway Tower then a run back downhill to the start/finish.  Several Malvern Joggers supported this event with a total of £755 being raised for the charity.

Malvern Joggers were led home by Trevor Matty in a time of 42:06, followed by John Bryan (42:23), Ian Walwyn (43:24), Ewelina Skolimowska (44:17), Julie Caseley (45:38), Steve Roode (46:54), Amanda Duncan (47:19), Mike Anstey (48:12), Andrew Banham (49:05), Dave Brett (51:28), Vivien Tolley (55:22) and Lynda Broadway (55:22)