Club entries for the London Marathon

So far we have 5 entries for the first timers at London draw and five for the old timers.

If you want to join in please follow the instructions below.

Please ensure you say which draw you qualify for

The Joggers has two club entries for the London Marathon in April 2017 courtesy of the subscriptions we make to English Athletics.

The places will be split, one to a first time London runner and one for any 2017 rejected entrant. .

Two draws will be made at the Christmas party. You may enter only one draw

To qualify for the draw you will need to meet the following conditions

• be a paid up Malvern Jogger since before 31 March 2016
• registered with English Athletics as a first claim member
• have entered and been rejected by the marathon
• have not won a place in the  2015  MJ Christmas ballot
To get your name in the hat please email me (

• your rejection letter
• and say which draw you wish to be in
I can check your MJ and EA membership.

The Joggers Jamboree is on Wednesday December 14 and I am happy to receive applications up to Sunday 11 December.

Get those miles in.