Cross Country: Mortimer Forest.

On Wednesday was the penultimate Cross Country league race. The first one was Abbeydore… Abbeydore:  a name that still sends shudders down the spine of the toughest cross country runner, a mixture of hills streams more hills and a brutal uphill finish.

Next came Westhope and a scenic run through the Bulmers apple orchards with a few more hills.

The latest race took us to Mortimer Forest and High Vinnals with a strong team of 13 joggers taking part. We were warmed it was going to be hilly and Dave Brett was concerned how close the contours were on the map. Well,  the start and the first mile was fine, and we wondered had they exaggerated mildly undulating a nice pace through the woods, then it started and all of a sudden the runners in front of me all started walking …. and climbing up and up until the summit !

Then apleasant trot across the top of the hill to a dense forest and a down hill slalom through the trees and tree roots, a undulating forest trail then took us to the finish line.

Our 1st finisher in 28th place was a very impressive Dave Woodward in 39 minutes, Ben Toon back in form was next in 42 mins The Flying Scotsman Greg was 43 min, s Matt Lancett 44 mins,  Mark Walker suffered in road shoes 45 mins.  Wally was a few seconds behind him Roger 46 mins Paul Newman 47 followed by Julie our 1st lady then Debbie Parker in 48 mins.  Glyn came in at 50 minutes with Dave Brett at 55 along with Thelma Duncan who’d lost a contact lens in the heat during the race and crossed the line like a little mole 😉

Next up WED. 20th  JULY 2016 SHOBDON (Croft Ambrey R.C.) 7.15pm. It is one of the best,  a beautiful scenic course of tree lined avenues, picturesque ornamental lakes and country estates.1st claim MJs can still enjoy the cross country experience, just message or contact me on Facebook