DirtRun in the Dark

Just to let you know, myself and another Malvern jogger Andy Dingley ran the DirtRun In The Dark over at Evesham on Friday night.


Glad to say that I came home with the 1st MV40 prize, coming 2nd overall with a time of 38:09 over the 8.7km course (40secs behind the winner). Andy came in 11th with a time of 43:17, out of a field of 52. It was a good race, run with headtorches in the fields and woods around Evesham country park. The original planned route had been changed due to the river being flooded though.


Note that the times on-line have been doctored for myself and the winner, as four lads took a wrong turning, so came in before us (their times would have been ~41mins if they’d have run the full distance). Not sure this was the best solution to their mistake! I felt the course was well enough marked, and seemed to be well organised. It was just let down by a poor decision in handling this mistake.


Best regards,



Dr Steve Beldon