Eastnor Magnificent Seven – 17th April

Despite heavy sleet and rain the day before, the Eastnor Magnificent Seven was run in near ideal conditions, with sunshine, little wind and an ideal temperature. The setting, based in and round the Eastnor deer park really is magnificent! The route starts with a flatish section on grass and sealed roads, up a brisk climb and then onto the gravel surface of the Ridgeway. From there it goes up onto the hills, loops back into the deer park, up past the Obelisk, a short and muddy loop through the woods, before a steep direct decent to the start / finish area. The combination of mud and hills made it a good challenge, without quite getting into assault course territory.

A total of 21 Joggers ran, lead in by Greg Innes (55:14) in 32nd place overall, Johnathon Sage (3rd MV50 56:21), Julian Satchell (58:50), Ian Dyson (3rd MV60 1:00:21), Paul Webb (1:00:48), Ian Walwyn (1:02:05), Andrew Gallagher (1:03:03), Julie Westcott(1:03:22), Ian Stephens (1:03:30), Deborah Parker (1:03:37), Kareen Mann (2nd FV50 1:03:46), Alison Priest (1:04:45), Steve Roode (1:05:01), Emily Priest (1:07:48), Jason Protheroe (1:08:18), Mike Spragg (1:08:31), Mike Anstey (1:08:43), Amanda Duncan (1:10:18), Jessica Howard (1:11:52), Julie Heron and Lucy Gallagher deadheating (1:14:40), Sarah Lane (1:15:17), Lynda Broadway (1:15:49),Jim Wheatstone (1:17:11) and Charly Lowndes (1:21:54).
In the team competitions, MJ men were 2nd, 4th and 7th, while MJ ladies were 2nd, 3rd and 6th.
My apologies if I missed anybody, spelt names wrong or mistyped the times.
Julian Satchell