Fashion in Italian joggers

Whilst holidaying in Naples I took the opportunity to see what the fashion savvy Italians were wearing and doing as to get all the Joggers ahead on the sartorial front and to put something on their “bucket list”,

The esplanade in front of my hotel was awash with slow and fast movers on a flat traffic free course by the sea. Literally hundreds of folk running up and down all Saturday and Sunday morning

Firstly for the fashionistas, if it is raining  a natty blue umbrella is must to protect your yellow lycra from the elements.

Secondly for the shy (such as Roodey) shoes with lights in the soles which change colour on each stride and flash are a must for dark nights. They will be perfect for the tour of Malvern lights at Christmas

Thirdly, add to  your bucket list something you must do before you go. Wear your running kit to Pompei, forget the ruins, the culture, the history and do sprints across the Roman amphitheatre. This was done by a Japanese man so the Italians are not shamed.

Perhaps wear your bright shoes and use your umbrella too when you belt along so the Romans who died in 76AD can turn in their graves.

Italy shows there are more exciting things to do with your running than struggling up those Malvern Hills in your tatty old kit on a wet Wednesday evening.