Herefordshire Cross Country league: race 1, Kinnersley

On Wednesday 3rd June the Malvern Joggers kindly sponsored a fit team and me, to compete in the Herefordshire cross country league. We knew our numbers were going to be down,  as it clashed with an important Champions league race, an important birthday and a few injuries.

The 1st race of 4 was in Kinnersley. It was set in Bulmers’ apple orchards in scenic surroundings,  a bit like the “Bash” so we parked between the lines of apple trees and made our way to the start. Now you might be led to believe that these races are elitist as David Brett thought before he tried it, but if you take away the top 10% of fitness nuts the rest are all a bit like us really,  they come in all shapes and sizes all ages and abilities.

If you can run 5 miles in under 1 hour and 8  (the last finishers time) these races really are worth a try and we’d love you to come and join us. Not knowing exactly were the start was we all ended up at the back of the pack, but Adam Ben and Matt were soon over taking and heading towards the front ,as they left us it was  Deb White, Roger and myself who were running nip and tuck for most of the race.  Deb started off strongly with Roger and I struggling to catch her, but we managed to eventually, then it was me and Roger side by side until the last hill when Roger (still wearing his top back to front) left me for dead and sprinted for home.

I recognised Debs from her heavy breathing coming up behind me, she was pushing me all the way but I wasn’t going to let her beat me this time, not after she tricked me into going the wrong way at Peopleton and piped me there 😉 so we finished with David Brett just behind.
The results out of 171 runners the winner finished in 32.04 the last runner 1 hour 8 mins
The MJ’s Adam Grant 1st 37.25
Ben Toon           39.06
Matt Launcett     41.29
Roger Sherriff    44.14
Paul Newman     44.42
Deb White          45.03
David Brett         52.23
In the team event our mixed A team finished 15th of 39 teams, a handy mid table ready to storm up the league 😉 Next up Abbeydore ! Paul Newman

WED. 24th. JUNE 2015 ABBEYDORE  (Wye Valley Runners) 7.30 p.m.

WED. 8th. JULY 2015 WESTHOPE  (Hereford Couriers) 7.15 p.m.

WED. 22nd. JULY 2015 SHOBDON (Croft Ambrey R.C.) 7.15 p.m.me1