Herefordshire Cross Country

Last Wednesday was unfortunately the last race of the Herefordshire Cross Country League’s Summer season. For this one we travelled to the pretty village of Shobdon,

Once again the Shobdon Court venue looked lovely in the evening sunlight, and indeed, in view of the weather before and after, we were very lucky for Wednesday’s race, with the occasional puddle and some soft going, but mostly a good(?) hard surface to run on. The largest turnout yet assembled at the start where Mike thanked, amongst others, the ‘three old fogies’ [three outraged senior members!] who’d helped clear the course. For the first mile or so, through the blackcurrant field (a change from apple orchards), down through Chapel Dingle, along a field margin and onto the demanding trek up the footpath in a barley-field, runners were closely bunched, but as we wove round the lake and took in curves and rises in terrain in the arboretum, the ‘sheep’ became more separated from the ‘goats’. Another field margin, still climbing, across the access road and along to the long climb up to the Arches, where overtaking was possible if you chose your moment, and then a canter down the grassy avenue through the finish area, and then it was soo good we did it all again!

We welcomed two new team members to the team in Glynn Davies and Mike Spragg. Adam Grant was again our star performer bringing the team home in 22nd place, he was followed by Ben Toon in 39th.  Roger who just gets quicker and quicker was 72nd.  Debbie Russell even after stopping to tie her laces twice was 82nd joint with her trainer Scott Hawkins who even had time to stop and admire the fishing lakes. Debbie White was next in 94th I was 100th with Coollio breathing down my neck in 101st, Julie 121st, Glynn 132nd, Amanda 139th, Mike Spragg 145th and Dave Brett 165th of 180 runners

The final positions for those who’d performed in 3 or 4 races were Adam 15th ! Ben 34th Matt 64th Roger 67th, Deb White 87th, Me 94th, Coolio 99th, Amanda D 117th, David Brett 131st.

We had 18 different team members competing in these events, there where a few tough ones but I certainly enjoyed them all and I hope the team did too, I’ve told Mike the organiser the MJ’s will definitely be back next year ! Unless of course we were to enter the Winter Sunday league as well…. now there’s a thought .. I wonder who’d be up for that one ???
Paul NewmanShobdon-2