January updates

Circuit training started back at the Dome on the 7th and continues until the 25th of March. Don’t forget we also have also paid to use MSJ sports centre for running and the use of the showers etc on a monday evening.

The AGM is a few weeks hence on the 13th of February at Manor Park. We have organised sandwiches to tempt more folk along from 8.15pm after our club run. Claire Haynes is the only applicant for the Race Captains post. Janet has re-applied for the Kit position, ditto with Jane as secretary, Paul, Sam, Carl, Emily and Jerry have all reapplied for their committee posts. Although Jerry would still like someone to come forward and take on the treasurers role as his work commitments are very demanding at present. If you would like to know more or feel you might be interested then please see Jerry on a club night