Joggers 10k Marshall Position

Basically all marshals to meet for briefing at the school at 6pm.

Name Position Description & Duty
Amanda Duncan 1 Just after Start, to ensure people head out on the right track and encouragement into finish line!
Ian Dyson 2 On corner of road – Direction Assistance
Anthony Bennett 4 Gate Duty on way out – water crossing encouragement on way back in
Paula Smy 5 Corner of road to make sure runners go up the hill
Pippa Denman 6 Left hand turn off road onto path
Jennie Cale 7 Ensure gate is open for duration and direct runners over style and across field
Suzie Lane 8 Direct runners across field / Style
Paul Newman * 9 Important one – Change of route here to usual due to Rape growing in field. Briefing required on the day.Team Leader – Ensure Positions 1-9 are in place
Hannah England 10 Direct through into next field
Elly Cox 11 Direct through Gate
Chloe Henderson 12 Direct left onto Road
Mark Cooling 13 Gate Duty – and direct up onto field along hedge line
Lindsay Latimer 14 Gate Duty at top of field – this gate swings shut so needs to be kept open for the duration
Jes Carter 15 Top of small climb and direct straight on then direct off track on the way back to go down to the style
Ben Toon * 16 Junction – Direct across common on the way out – and runners to turn right at the top of the hill on the way back.Team Leader – Ensure positions 10 – 16 are in place
Viv Tolley 17 Mid way across common at water crossing point .
Jula Heron 18 Direct runners up to quarry on way out and down the road on the way back
Sian Maxfield 19 Direct runners around the quarry (left at the top of the rise)
Jacqui Ferret 20 Direct runners down the track towards road
Isla Whitmore 21 Safety marshal – watch for cars as runners approach road from track – steep track
Dennis Holly * 22 Turn runners left off road towards water station and up the hill.Team Leader – Ensure Positions 17-22 are in place.
Charlie 23 Style midway down the hill
Shirley 24 Gate at the bottom of the hill to be kept open for the duration
Dan Beech 25 Midway across open are to ensure runners keep heading in the right direction
Lucy Poole Floating Marshal Co-Ordinator – 07814 581069 – Floating position and standby in case of no shows.
Emily Sayler Water Station
Shona Water Station
Megz Tail end Charlie

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10K map