London Cardiff 24

I organise a team running challenge. It’s called London to Cardiff 24 and as the name
suggests it’s a relay run from London to Cardiff.

The event is in June 2016 and I just wanted to make sure your group had heard about it.  It could be a lot of fun for a group of your runners!

The team challenge is for 8-12 runners to relay run non-stop throughout the night covering 160
miles. The distances and pace are actually relatively easy. There are 10 stages under 5 miles and only 4 stages which are over 10 miles so you need a good mix of abilities from newbies to
experienced runners. There is a 32 hour window with teams trying to beat the 24 hour
clock. To hit 24 hours you need to average a 9 min/mile pace.

It’s an amazing experience which generates so many stories. We’ve had teams getting
in the wrong minibus, getting lost, being scared by wildlife, scaring wildlife, drinking too much coffee or not enough coffee, cleaning shoes in motorway cafes, sleeping in  car parks to name a few. For me it’s these experiences which are just not matched in any other event and why over half the teams come back again and again.

You can find out more at

If you’ve any questions drop me an email ( or call me on 07920135208.


p.s. below are a couple of pictures from the event.




LC24 start_19