Magic Roundabout 10k – 12 June 2016

The Magic Roundabout is a 10k multi-terrain race organised by Hay Hotfooters Running Club.  It was the 10th anniversary of this event and to celebrate this, they also organised a Mini Roundabout race which took in the first half of the Magic Roundabout route.  The main race course began at the Roundabout, 500m from the Race H.Q. and at an elevation of 415m with stunning views over the surrounding countryside.  It was an undulating course, 90% being on springy, close-cropped grass with a short section on hard-packed stone track culminating in a challenging uphill before a fast downhill stretch to the finishing tape.

First Jogger home was Ben Toon in a time of 50:33 followed by Megan Judge (51:21), Ian Dyson (52:38), Julian Satchell (52:53), Andrew Brown (53:17), Deborah Parker (55:30), Steve Roode (55:43), Alison Priest (56:04), Julie Caseley (58:59), Mike Anstey (59:48), Chris Jolley (1:00:39), Amanda Duncan (1:01:16), Mark Dillon (1:03:39) and Lynda Broadway (1:08:40).

Best wishes,

JulieMagic roundabout