Magic Roundabout – 7 June 2015

The Magic Roundabout is a 10k multi-terrain race organised by Hay Hotfooters Running Club.  This was the 9th running of this event and the course began at the Roundabout, 500m from the Race H.Q. and at an elevation of 415m with stunning views over the surrounding countryside.  It was an undulating course, 90% being on springy, close-cropped grass with a short section on hard-packed stone track.

From the start, runners descended through low grassy hillocks to a wide, flat grass track for a fast and enjoyable 1700 metres.  They then turned right up a narrow track bordered by gorse bushes for about 300m before bearing left to descend down a rutted tractor route before turning right along a stone track for the next 700m.

By now runners have reached the lowest part of the course, 150m below the Roundabout, before climbing uphill leading to a shallow ford before turning uphill just before the 5km marker.

Cresting the hill, the course heads down towards the water station at 5.8 km before crossing the road close to the race HQ.  It’s then uphill again followed by a steep downhill and then a fast kilometre before a sharp turn right and a short, challenging uphill before another good 700 metres of grassy slope followed by a 600m steady, uphill push.  Over this crest there’s the last dip and rise before a downhill run to the tape.

Well done to Chris Smallman who was first male vet 50 in a time of 43:37 and Julie Caseley who was first female vet 55 in a time of 55:23.  This race was on the Malvern Joggers Champions League and other Joggers competing were Trevor Matty (47:56), Megan Judge (48:22), Andrew Milton (50:22), John Bryan (51:52), Mark Seyler (51:55), Ian Walwyn (53:19), Ewelina Skolimowska (53:44), Andrew Brown (53:51), Carl Flint (54:56), Amanda Duncan (56:51), Steve Roode (58:25), Andrew Banham (59:41), Michael Anstey (1:00:50), Ben Toon (1:03:17), Vivian Tolley (1:05:11), Lynda Broadway (1:05:59) and Sarah Lane (1:09:31). JulieMagic Roundabout