Malvern Midsummer Marathon – 18 June 2016

Here are the photos I took at the beginning of the Malvern Midsummer Marathon.

If any of the MJ runners would like to do a race report and send it to Paul and Charly, that would be great.

Best wishes,


Steve Roode did just that:

8 Malvern Joggers took part in the Malvern Midsummer Marathon, Deb White, Alison Priest, Roger Sherif and Steve Roode seen here before the gruelling 26miles of ups and downs. They managed to get round in 6.50hrs which was great considering the longest run that Roger had done  before this was 10 miles!!! A great time was had by all taking in Tea, cake and pizza along the way at the 4 pitstops, a special mention to the lovely ladies at Cradley. They caught up with the 4 other Joggers who set off an hour earlier at the half way point in Ledbury where Steve Massey, Emily Seyler, Annelle Bolton and Paula Smy were munching Pizza and Cake. The weather was perfect for running and a great time was had by all although a bit achy legged by the end. This event is organised by the Long Distance Walkers Association who supply all food and drinks along the way as well as the many Marshalls that give their time up for free. A well Deserved Pint of Cider was consumed après race. A special Mention to Julie Caseley who took these Pictures and wished us well before going over to Long town to do the Darrens Dash an equally tough race although a great deal shorter!!