Meet the Committee

As stated in our constitution, our management committee will consist at least of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Kit Organiser, Webmaster and Race Captain.


Carl Flint

The wonderful Malvern Hills and a new running club in the making from the local sports shop provided the opportunity to carry on my passion of keeping fit through running. Since 2001 nearly 800 Malvern Joggers club nights, our successful 10k race each year and during this time so many folk whose lives have been changed for the fitter. Nothing and I mean nothing beats the feedback from fellow joggers and from the public who contact me with heartfelt comments. The Malvern Joggers is not just a club it is a way of life!


Suzan Brett


Jerry Greer

I started running to keep fit after I stopped swimming about the time I started work. I’ve found it a great way to beat stress and its something you can do almost anywhere and the only real cost is a decent pair of shoes once in a while. I had run with a few clubs in London and found it a good way to keep motivated and make friends so when I moved to Malvern I was pleased to spot the flyer for a running group meeting at the Runaround sports shop in the link. I tried it, they were a friendly bunch that soon afterwards became the registered club that is the Malvern Joggers and I’ve been here ever since. Over the years the club has gone from strength to strength and I am particularly proud of our 10k race which I helped to establish.

Kit Organiser

Steve Roode

I joined MJ’s in 2006 after I saw someone running who was wearing a Malvern Joggers vest, I was taking part in the 2006 Malvern Half Marathon, my first race. That person (who just happened to be Julie Caseley) put me in touch with Chris Barker, the rest is history. I took on the role of Kitman/Person  in 2007  and since then have put many a green vest or hoodie on our members shoulders. Although I take running seriously having done over 35 Marathons and countless other races, I try and bring a sense of fun to  the Joggers and any Groups or races that I take part in, and encourage newer runners to improve their own performance by introducing the RUMP and ASS sessions. I also try and encourage the social side of the running Club in various events and weekends away. Malvern Joggers to me is Always a Pleasure – Never a Chore.

Race Captain

Julie Caseley

“I only started running in my early 40’s to keep fit and lose a bit of weight but, as a teenager, was a keen swimmer and gymnast. My first race was in 2004, the Tewkesbury Half Marathon, and I’ve never looked back since. I have competed in 16 marathons in all and this year will be my 8th London Marathon. I keep the membership informed of local races by producing a Race Diary.  I also organise our Champions League which is fun and the aim is to attract as many runners from the club to take part in the various races throughout the year. 

Press and Publicity

Paul Newman

I started running with the Joggers a few years after its conception, I had been running with its founder Chris Barker  and he convinced me to join up. I was unbelievably grateful to the club when they gave me the opportunity to run my 1st London Marathon after winning the ballot in 2008. I set up the Malvern Joggers Facebook page, I look after the Winter and Summer Cross Country teams and whilst Annie Robson is on Maternity leave I am proud to be handling the publicity for the club.


Charly Lowndes

I took up fun running while working for the British Forces Broadcasting Service (still going strong) in HQ British Army of the Rhine (a memory, now) and eventually made the mistake of thinking that all running was just for fun. When the whippet-like leaders at the Mönchengladbach Harriers Half Marathon starting pawing the ground at the start, and then vanished in the dust, I realised some people take it seriously. Still, I finished ahead of the wheelchair, just. I had used  Parkrun as a data capture case study (simple barcodes) in my teaching for an Open University computer science module, so when we moved to Malvern went along to Worcester and met a cheerful bunch wearing green T shirts. The idea of running for fun was and is alive and well in the MJs. 

Event/Leader Organiser

Emily Sayler

I joined the Joggers in 2014 when I decided to start running again, after a 15 year break. It took me months to work up the courage to come along that first night, but a few familiar faces and a great running group made me feel so welcome. A chip butty at the pub afterwards sealed the deal! It wasn’t long before I was roped into co-ordinating the group leaders, which helps make sure I know lots of you.  I was always a 5k runner, but since joining I have taken on new challenges, even a 100k ultra. I never thought I’d do anything like that, and taking part with fellow Joggers made it even more special. As soon as I’m injury free I look forward to getting back on the hills and entering more races.


Sam Marshall

I joined the Malvern Joggers a few years ago, after moving to Malvern. I completed my first half marathon the following year around Worcester which I loved. My job is a Web Developer and so it seemed a natural fit to volunteer as webmaster.