My London 2015

I hope you all enjoyed the London Marathon, whether you were running it, spectating or following it at home on TV or online.


Congratulations to everyone who took part, whether you achieved your target or not.


Even after weeks of preparation not all  races go to plan and for whatever reason my marathon didn’t. The early miles may have been a bit too fast but by half way I knew it was feeling tougher than it should be and by about 20 miles I had slowed. By 22 miles I really didn’t care what my time was going to be, I just wanted it to end! Another mile and the inevitable happened, I had to walk. The problem was that the crowd are so supportive and so encouraging that it’s really hard to stop or just walk for a while.


I thought I’d found a quiet place but there’s nowhere to hide out there. You may like to take a few minutes to look at BBC i player ‘London marathon part 2’ skip to 3hrs 18min and watch for a few minutes. Yes I really did want to give up jogging and  join a brass band! Follow the runners for a few minutes and another familiar face runs through.


I saw Megs towards the end of the race and I was pleased to cross the finish hand in hand with fellow Malvern Jogger Mathew Lancett who achieved 3.38.33


I raised £500 for Anthony Nolan at and had a wonderful day.


My time was 3:40:26. You can see a great photo of Matt and I in the photos on my Virgin London Marathon results page.


Happy running, Stuart


EXTRA JOGGER: Henry Walker has joined the MJs since getting his London place, so we missed him on the recent list. Huge congratulations on a time of 2:46:26. Not exactly a walk, then.

Any more reports from London or other races – Marathons or otherwise? Good to see lots of photos on  FaceBook.