Hi Malvern Joggers, I am Sarah from SS Massage Therapies in Malvern. I am a Sports Massage Therapist and Somatic Movement Coach and I work with people who want to stay active and pain-free doing the sports that they love. I specialize in Trigger point release and muscle lengthening through movement. I also use Dry Needling to release tight muscles.
I would like to offer an initial Free massage and muscle check to those of you in the club who might be needing some support to get you back on track or keep you going!
This is for the first 10 members of your group who would like to claim it by the end of August.
To Claim please click on the link below and leave your details and I will contact you to book you in!…/
Or for a swifter response please call/text on 079032162317.
I look forward to working with you. Sarah