Summer Run Venues

Dear Joggers.,

This is the follow up  to last week’s club run where I announced that we would seek opinion over our summer club evening locations.

We have over the years learnt from feedback that it is best to rotate the venues on a four weekly cycle and where there are five wednesdays in the month (normally two over the summer period) we have added a fifth. We have tried more,  but many complained that it was confusing. We have tried the opposite with many fewer venues, but again there were complaints that we were not fully taking advantage of our wonderful Malvern Hills.

We also try and be fair to our members by choosing locations geographically spread out around the Hills.

At our AGM representation was made to ensure we held some of our wednesday night runs on areas which are not too hilly. If I am correct the following fit this requirement:-

The Swan at Newland
Callow End The Bush
Hanley Swan green
Hanley Castle School
The Gullet (note we normally hold our Yacht Race from here)-there are hilly options from here as well
Castle Morton Common  –  we meet here on the 8th of June for our MJ’s 10k race

The hilly venues are:-
British Camp car park
West of England car park

We have run from other venues previously such as Colwall (poor turn out on all the times we met there), New Inn near Storridge (huge chance of an accident due to the speed of cars on the main road), and The Drum and Monkey, which has  delightful scenery and runs but les to complaints that it is too far to go.

We have also in the past held our summer BBQ at the Red Lion at Stiffords Bridge and run from there. We will also consider new venues if put forward.

Therefore I ask that consideration should be given to the venues listed above as to meeting your requirements. Would you please email Charly with your requests which will be considered at our next committee meeting on the 14th of March.
Thank you Carl