The New Mortimer Forest Trail Race – 13 December 2015

10 Malvern Joggers travelled to Ludlow for this challenging 8.5 mile popular trail race organised by Ludlow Runners.  The Race HQ and start was at Moor Park School.  The race was well organised and marshaled and the route included a climb to “Poison Bank” and runners had to tackle the demanding 3 “big dippers” before the lovely long, downhill finish through Mary Knoll Valley.  The course was very muddy and hilly but Mortimer Forest was beautiful at this time of year.

All competitors received a bandana for taking part.

Malvern Joggers were led home by Trevor Matty in a time of 1:24:19 followed by Megan Judge (1:24:31), Steve Roode (1:31:32), Paul Newman (1:35:50), Mark Cooling (1:37:09), Julie Caseley (1:40:02), Ian Walwyn (1:47:01), Ewelina Skolimowska (1:53:25), Mark Dillon (1:54:44) and Mike Anstey (1:55:18). Julie

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