VLM-Given the problems we had in 2018 here is a reminder of the entry conditions

VLM General Conditions of Entry

3.3 Participants will have their results annulled and be banned from all future events organised by London Marathon for a period of up to five years if:

3.3.1. Their running number is used by someone else in the event, participating in the event using a number registered to another participant, or using a counterfeit number.

3.3.2. Found to be selling their number to another person

3.3.3. Gaining a Good for Age place using another person’s name

3.3.4. Falsifying information on the entry form

3.3.5. Entering the ballot more than once by using different information.

A second breach of any nature will mean results being annulled and a ban of up to life from all future events.

3.4 Athletics Clubs could find their eligibility for marathon places for the future revoked if:

3.4.1. One or more people from the same Club are found to have been selling, swapping or counterfeiting numbers/entries.