Wenlock Olympian Games 2016 – Running Events

You may be aware of the Wenlock  Olympian Games and the crucial role these played in  establishing the modern International Olympic movement.   The Games take place every year and include three  running events that your members may be interested in.
These are:
Half  marathon – Sunday May 15th @10:30

7 Mile Road Race – Sunday 10th July, @11:00

100km Run/Walk –  Saturday 16th (and Sunday 17th) July, @ 08:00 (for walkers)  & @10:00 (for runners)
All these events start in Much Wenlock  and their details (location, entry forms etc.) can be found  here:

http://www.wenlock-olympian-society.org.uk –  as can the history of the Games and their founder William  Penny Brookes.

Thanks and regards
Mac Bardsley

Wenlock Olympian Society