Westhope Cross Country

The second race of the Herefordshire Cross Country league took us to Westhope 7 miles from Hereford. Set in Bulmers’ apple orchards this was a beautiful evening for a race. We were bathed in evening sunshine. We welcomed a few new recruits to the team: Dave Woodward, Mark Walker and Viv Tolley plus a return of old hand Steve Roode. This gave us a decent team of 16 runners. Three of which had run a very tough Malvern Midsummer Marathon only 4 days before.
The start was an uphill affair and the long grass was not ideal.  We had a tough climb as we surged uphill to the highest point of the course; this was followed by a welcome long down hill section to the bottom orchard, where you could hear the birds in the trees as we thundered past.  Time to catch our breath again and the chance to speed up a bit but then so did everyone else. A long circuit of the bottom orchard with a cheeky switchback thrown in, then it was back up to where we’d started anticlockwise climbing back upto the top of the course, finally a long flat then down hill section to the finish line.
The winner Tim Iveson from Buith Wells finished in 32.38
Our 1st MJ was 26th Dave Woodward in. 38,38
our 2nd and 3rd runners 49th Ben Toon in 42,23 50th Mark Walker Malvern Joggers 42,37
Other finishers were …
Greg Innes . 43,38
Matt Lancett 44,03
Roger Sherriff 45,13
Paul Newman 45,33
Ian Walwyn 45,52
Steve Roode 46,21
Deb White 47,29
Julie Caseley 47,44
Suzie Lane 52,18
David Brett 57,21
Viv Tolley 61,26
We also had another chapter in the Thelma and Louise story, lets just say I can see a Xmas award beckoning again 😉
In the team event we fielded 2 teams. Team 1:  Dave W, Ben, Mark W, Greg, Debbie and Julie finished in 9th place
The B team Matt, Roger, Paul Ian, Suzie and Viv finished in 16th place. Well done all !
Next up WED. 6th. JULY 2016 HIGH VINNALS (Ludlow Runners) 7.15 p.m. This is Mortimer Forest territory it could be hilly but should be good muddy fun !
To join the team please contact me on Facebook or @ paul@newman8840.fslife.co.uk