Worcestershire Beacon Race – 10 October 2015

25 Malvern Joggers took part in the 60th anniversary of this gruelling 6.7 mile race organised by Worcester Athletic Club.  The event started in Rose Bank Gardens, a short walk from Race HQ at the St. John Ambulance Hall.  The route exits Rose Bank Gardens before a short section on road up Foley Terrace before turning left and off road towards St. Ann’s Well which the runners pass 3 times in total.  Competitors then run to the Gold Mine before the long ascent to the Worcestershire Beacon and then a fast descent to West Malvern, then up and around North Hill before the final downhill section back to Rose Bank Gardens and the finish.

The route had a maximum altitude of 1395ft with magnificent views on this lovely day over Worcestershire and Herefordshire towards Wales.  The course was run on tarmac, loose gravel paths and turf and was very demanding with steep ascents and descents.

The first local lady to finish was Debbie Russell in a time of 1:02:53 of Malvern Joggers.  Malvern Joggers were led home by Henry Walker (52:12), followed by Sam Burnage (52:13), Adam Grant (52:44), Steve Beldon (54:35), Stuart Day (57:37), Ben Toon (58:41). Trevor Matty (59:31), John Bryan (1:02:02), Julie Mitchell (1:03:24), Mark Seyler (1:03:38), Steve Roode (1:04:05), Mark Cooling (1:05:54), Bert Lacey (1:05:57), Andrew Gallagher (1:06:46), Julie Caseley (1:07:03), Steve Ollis (1:07:36), Catherine James (1:09:37), Alison Priest (1:10:28), Brian Henderson (1:10:39), Mike Anstey (1:10:49), Rachel Cashmore (1:12:36), Lucy Gallagher (1:13:16), Lynda Broadway (1:18:33) and Charly Lowndes (1:28:16).

All runners received a momento for finishing and tea/coffee and homemade cakes back at Race HQ.

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MJs at beacon finish