Worcestershire Beacon Race – 8 October 2016

27 Malvern Joggers took part in the 61st running of this gruelling 6.7 mile race to the top of the Worcestershire Beacon (1395ft) run on tarmac, loose gravel paths and turf which was organised by Worcester Athletic Club.

The event started in Rose Bank Gardens before a short section on road up Foley Terrace before turning left and off road towards St. Ann’s Well which the runners passed 3 times in total.  Competitors then ran to the Gold Mine before the long ascent to the Worcestershire Beacon and then a fast descent to West Malvern before climbing up and around North Hill and then the final downhill section via St. Ann’s Welll for the last time and back to the finish in Rose Bank Gardens.

The first local lady to finish was Malvern Joggers’ Catherine James in a time of 1:03:38.  First Jogger home was Jon Newey in a time of 50:46 followed by Dave Woodward (52:35), Sam Burnage (53:54), Neil Watts (54:49), Chris Langley-Waylen (54:50), Nic Dauncey (57:32), Tony Bennett (1:01:46), Ian Dyson (1:02:52), Julian Satchell (1:02:56), John Bryan (1:03:28), Ian Walwyn (1:03:32), Lucy Poole (1:05:19), Paul Webb (1:05:25), Andrew Gallagher (1:06:50), Julie Caseley (1:07:39), Steve Roode (1:08:11), Emily Priest (1:08:12), Brian Henderson (1:08:18), Peter Wilson (1:08:41), Mike Anstey (1:09:15), Jason Protheroe (1:09:59), Alison Priest (1:10:08), Adam Hall (1:12:05), Lucy Gallagher (1:13:59), Lynda Broadway (1:20:02) and Jim Wheatstone (1:22:22).