Happy New Year Joggers

Happy New Year Malvern Joggers, and here is the latest information on the club for you:-

Wednesdays Club Night  – we are returning back to the Rugby Club from next week Wednesday 12th January, 7pm

Run Sheet – will revert back to 15 places on the sheet

Membership – starts in January so this is due; and you can sign up or renew your membership, and pay online here – Membership Archives – Malvern Joggers The cost is £26 as opposed to £25 last year as EA have increased their cost we pay for every member from £15 to £16

AGM Wednesday 19th January – This will be held at the Rugby Club after the Wednesday run to start at 8pm, so runs will finish just before. If you plan to stay for the AGM, there will be chips provided and please make sure to check the information below before attending as we do not plan to read it all out but will need to vote on it

  • 2022 Charity; there has been a list available for voting on facebook but if you haven’t seen it and would like to vote it will be on the web shortly (Give Sam a few days to update this and some other items)
  • Minutes of the last AGM will be on the web prior (Sam Marshall)
  • Some Constitutional changes to be made and in line with new EA guidance required on Club Standards for 2022 including Constitution, Grievance and Disciplinary, Data Protection, Inclusion & Diversity, Safeguarding code of conduct & Health & Safety (Sam Marshall)

Even though we are still managing our way through the pandemic, we have been able to start the year with lots of exciting running activities as follows. Of course this does take a lot of time and effort from the people involved so many thanks to the below in advance

  • C25K Group – starting Wednesday 19th January (Emily Seyler)
  • 5-10K Progression Group started Wednesday 5th January (Tim Winstanley)
  • Half Marathon Training Schedule starting Sunday 9th January (Susan/David Brett)
  • Marathon Training Runs starting Sunday 9th January (Warwick Taylor/David Hunt)
  • Hill Reps on Tuesday nights (Susan/David Brett)
  • Circuits – We still plan to have but are working on it
  • Navigational Training Sunday 29th January (Max Wallder)
  • Champions League – this is in place; Tim will be providing an update on races so far and forthcoming schedule shortly

If you have any questions regarding the above then please let myself or any member of the committee know

Warwick Taylor, Chair & your committee

#staysafe #runbecauseyoucan

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