Champions League

The Malvern Joggers champions league consists of a range of races, mostly local and low-cost, including many local parkruns throughout the calendar. Points are earned each race and prizes awarded at the end of the year.

View the upcoming races and the latest results below.

League Rules

Jogger NameTelford 10kHereford 10KCotswold x-countryBrueton ParkWarwick HalfMuddy WoodyPittville x-countryCheltenham PRPendock Spring ChickenMagnificent 7Stratford HalfTewkesbury PRArrow Valley PRCrowle 10KSuckley QMCrocodile 8Total Points
Selena Whittaker232322232425252224211
Rachel Reed23222221215022181
Jessica Depper502425242425172
Lucy McQuoney25255025125
Vicia Hauser2324252424120
Carol Winstanley161721242199
Kerrie Meszaros232021201599
Sophie Barnes2421232290
Gemma Linsley17192219986
Pat Johnson1920241780
Jane Spicer1818222078
Aiveen Digby25252575
Abigail Pamich2120231074
Eleanor Cassell24232370
Emma Davies22212366
Alison Priest22221862
Kareen Mann222345
Natalie Gascoigne232043
Sophie Dowse221941
Lisa Smedley211940
Naomi Smith201333
Jane Palfreman191130
Stephanie Upton02525
Lucy Bennett-Poole2424
Nicola Jones2121
Jane Roberts2020
Teresa Hastings2020
Carole Lubkowski1919
Charlotte Raine1818
Karen Hobson1616
Helen Thomas1212