Champions League

So – we’re nearly free from lockdown, so it’s time for a little training for you will with a competitive edge – just to get you ready for April.

Run to Release!

This is a real competition with points and jokers etc.

For the 4 weeks of March there will be a target distance set each week, you can run when and where you want – all you need to do is submit your time to me. It has to be a link or screenshot from Strava / Garmin or similar that shows *elapsed* time – not just moving time. No negative elevation allowed either!

Points will be awarded – 25 points for the best time, 24 for second place and so on.

Jokers – you need to let me know before you actually run that you want to play your joker. The joker doubles your points that week. Only 1 joker per person!

You need to run between Monday and 7pm Sunday.

The distances will be:
Week 1 – 5k
Week 2 – 5 Mile
Week 3 – 10k
Week 4 – 10 miles

Just to be clear – you can run as many or as few times as you want, it’s up to you to submit your best time to me. To submit your run, please email

Anyone marking their runs as private on Strava must make them accessible by me on or after 7pm each Sunday