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Coronavirus Updates

Dear members,

In terms of organising runs during Covid 19, here is the latest guidance for running clubs from England Athletics based on the easing of lockdown restrictions.

Groups of up to 6 people can now train outdoors providing runners maintain social distancing advice i.e. 2 metres apart if from a different household. But as gatherings of more than 6 people are still not permitted we are currently not able to get altogether as a club.

We are aware that people are now beginning to run in small groups of 6 or less and as such we want to support this within the guidelines to ensure safety of our members. There is a risk assessment here that club members should read before participating in any run to ensure you are aware of and adhere to the guidelines for everyone’s safety.


Risk Assessment


If you organise a run, we advise leaders to post on Facebook.

Within this post please include a meet time and location, as well as an indication of the pace.

Please also keep this post updated with the number of remaining spaces, to ensure the group does not exceed 6 people.

Group Leaders in particular need to be responsible for;

1. Route planning - Be conscious and try to avoid potentially populated areas. Particularly narrow paths.

2. Group size - The group is not to exceed 6 people under any circumstances 

3. Social distancing must be adhered to within the group at all times 

4. Pro active distancing when coming across members of the public.

The committee are constantly reviewing the guidelines so we are ready in preparing for running post lockdown and will keep you updated here on the web and also via facebook

Stay safe and keep running!

Warwick, Jamie, Nick, Paul, Sam, Claire, Emily, Janet, Jane, Sarah

The Malvern Joggers Committee

We are an established band of people who have enjoyed socialising and jogging since 2003. We love new people of all abilities to come and join us for a jog around Malvern, you don't need to be a member of the club and it won't cost you anything, you can just turn up and decide which group you would like to run with. We actively support folk who have never run before and provide a walk-jog group.

Our main club night is on a Wednesday evening at 7pm. During the winter there is a core fitness circuit training session on Monday evenings at 7.30 provided by Malvern St James in the Dome. Club members also organise runs at other times of the week so please check out the website for details of runs and training sessions. During the summer months we are out on the hills.  Please read our risk assessment here first.

Malvern Joggers are affiliated to England Athletics number 2659107

Our Next Club Run

Our next run is on N/A from N/A at 7pm

Our pub for this weeks post run is N/A

We meet every Wednesday at 7:00 pm and run for about an hour. People who run with us range in ability from complete beginners to crazy fell runners and we run in a number of groups to cater for everyone. We always make sure that nobody is ever left behind.

We usually have groups that keep to the following paces: Beginners walk/run, Intermediate run/walk, 12min/mi, 11min, 10:30min, 10min, 9min, 8:30min, 8min.

Why not come along …


What to wear on a run?

  • If it’s 10-12°C outside, it feels like 20°C on a run. Wear running tights or running shorts with a long sleeve running top. For weather protection, take a lightweight waterproof that’s easy to stuff into your pocket or tie around your waist.
  • If it’s 5°C outside, it feels like 15°C on a run. Wear running tights with a technical base layer and warm or lighter-weight long sleeve running top with a waterproof and windproof jacket.
  • If it’s 0°C outside, it feels like 10°C on a run. Wear thermal running tights or compression tights with a technical base layer, long sleeve top and weatherproof jacket.
  • If it’s -2°C or below outside, it feels like 8°C on a run. Wear winter-weight running tights with a base layer, long sleeve top and waterproof and windproof jacket. Protection for head and hands is advisable too.

Other Club Activities

Nothing that catches your eye? Check out our Facebook page for the latest social runs in Malvern and surrounding area each day


FREE Circuit classes for all members (£3 for non-members) - 19:30-20:15pm. MSJ Dome Imperial Road.


Lots of Local Park runs - More details here

Why not come along...