Leader in Running Fitness (LIRF’s) / Coaching


The Club will provide funding for two LIRF’s per year. The role is to help out with Club nights and leading groups.

The LIRF course takes one day to complete.

If you would like to become LIRF trained, please email us


The Club intends to financially support the development of a number of coaches over the next few years. Ideally the Club could draw upon the expertise of three or four coaches to support members with:-

  • C25K program. Aim to inspire them to make the next steps-be involved at the first and last session.
  • Wednesday nights. Run with a range of groups and discuss options for improvements to individuals. Support /enhance run leaders on runs with related techniques and drills to enhance and add structure to the club night experience.
  • Provide dedicated half marathon and marathon coaching either on a different day and / or extra distance to extend peoples Wednesday night run.
  • Technical training sessions
  • Provide a general-improvers and PB hunters short course
  • Hills and speed training could be linked to the above
  • Identify training plans to give people generic training programs for any distance race.

The coaching course is generally held over 3 days and requires coaching activities to be recorded and submitted to EA. In return EA provide a mentor and support whilst undertaking the programme. Typically, it will take between 6-12 months to complete