Malvern Joggers – Running for UKraine

Sooooo… the amount we raised was…

…hold on though, yesterday wasn’t just about raising money for such an important cause; it was about this great club coming together as a community and showing it’s true colours. By donating, helping, marshalling, baking, running and walking with friends and family, you were all part of something very special yesterday…

from dragging people off the street and signing them up…to the little boy who came and donated his £1.50p pocket money, to the bloke in the pub who gave £50 for a selfie (and hug) with a certain member, & Martin May who donated and went up 7 times!…we all saw some great acts of kindness. I have to give special thanks to Steve Ollis for sharing his experience in organising, Paul for organising the marshalls, Sam for all the web bookings & Jamie, Charlotte & Tim for all their time and effort….

and not forgetting Gem for arranging a fantastic cake sale

and the staggering total amount raised was £3,885!!! (Plus Gift Aid), wow what an achievement. However, there is one young lady that deserves a special mention & went above and beyond…Chloe managed all the cake sales on her own, was there all day and sold a total of £513.70p worth of cakes; unbelievable; well done Chloe

… now the justgiving page is still live, sooooooo i wonder if we can make it to £4,000? Thanks again guys…you’re just the best

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