Risk Assessment for Runs

Running with Dogs

Whilst certain events such as Parkrun are content for runners to run with their dogs, we do not permit them at our Malvern Jogger's Club nights.

However well behaved a dog is, there remains an inherent risk to not only other Club members but also the wider public as a whole.

Off-Road Risks

Potential Hazard: Uneven Ground
Action Required:
Remind runners to wear appropriate footwear. Stick to well known routes and public footpaths. Runners at front of group to warn following runners of very rutted, uneven ground by shouting.

Potential Hazard: Stiles
Action Required:
Care to be taken when climbing stiles particularly in wet weather where they may be slippery. Badly maintained/broken stiles to be avoided if possible or climbed with care.

Potential Hazard: Risk of Falling/Slipping on steep or slippery surface
Action Required:
Remind runners to run carefully and responsibly keeping a sensible distance between themselves and the runner ahead of them. Walk if conditions are particularly difficult.

Potential Hazard: Getting Lost
Action Required:
Group Leader to be familiar with area and have run route at least once before.

Potential Hazard: Losing a runner
Action Required:
Running groups to stick together, appointed leaders to encourage mustering where front runners run back to collect stragglers. Remind runners to select a group consistent with their ability. Approximate pace of group to be made clear by leader before run commences.

Potential Hazard: Animals
Action Required:
Observe animals before entering field – if any aggressive behaviour observed choose alternative route.

Potential Hazard: Dogs
Action Required:
Take care when running near dogs particularly when they are off leads and owners are not present. Slow to a walk if necessary. Avoid turning your back on the dog. Seek assistance from dog owner if appropriate.

Potential Hazard: Overgrown vegetation/Brambles/ Nettles
Action Required:
Warn runners if route is expected to be particularly overgrown, give them an opportunity to opt out. If route is impassable take an alternative.

Potential Hazard: Very Hot Weather
Action Required:
Advise runners to wear kit appropriate to conditions. Take water particularly on longer runs. Avoid running at midday, run early morning or evening. If conditions are extreme run to be postponed/cancelled at discretion of Group Leader. Remind runners to use high factor sun cream.

Potential Hazard: Cold Weather
Action Required:
Members encouraged to warm up thoroughly in cold weather and wear clothing appropriate to the conditions. Care should be taken to avoid patches of ice. Runs will be cancelled by Group Leaders if conditions are considered dangerous.

Potential Hazard: Asthma
Action Required:
Advise runners to let Group leader know if they suffer from asthma. Asthmatics must always carry inhalers. Asthmatics should not run if they are suffering badly or if they fear an asthma attack is imminent. The decision whether to run or not is left to the discretion of the individual but they must accept that they run at their own risk.

Potential Hazard: Other Medical Conditions
Action Required:
To be advised to Group leader. Any appropriate medication to be carried on the run. The decision whether or not to run is left to the discretion of the individual but they run at their own risk.