Malvern Joggers August Update 2023

Malvern Joggers August Update 2023

Cart Shed Canter – 2023 (

Hi Joggers, it’s been a while……but I’m pleased to see so many of you out there running throughout the summer months both on the trails and around the area at parkrun and races

Join us at The Cart Shed Canter, Saturday 30th September, 2023

As you know, our chosen charity this year is “The Cart Shed”, which works with adults and young people experiencing mental health difficulties or with those of us who have emotional imbalances in our lives.

It’s a fantastic charity, doing great work and its location is in a lovely woodland/rural setting in Herefordshire. We thought it would be a lovely idea to do a run there, and so we are hosting “The Cart Shed Canter” on Saturday 30th September for all club members; 10.30 for an 11am start

This is a social run, approx. 10K through the trails and can be run or walked (Sue Brett will lead a walk group)

Please feel free to bring any family members, including children and friends

We’re suggesting a cash donation of £8 on the day for adults (children no charge) and there will be some food cooked for the finish line

Please bring your own drinks/bottles of beer/wine

There is a form here which you’ll need to add your name to if you’re coming just so we know approximate numbers, and we will also need a few marshalls as well so please indicate on the form whether you’d like to run or marshall

Cart Shed Canter – 2023 (

What’s Next?

We have a club committee meeting coming up in a few days (we’re actually going to meet face to face instead of zoom, how nice will that be!) where we will be discussing the next few months activities, so I look forward to reporting back to you on what we’ll have planned  through the Autumn and Winter as a club, for us all to continue to enjoy our running

So ….whether you’re running for fun; running with friends; or training for a race; always run with a smile and always enjoy!

Cheers Joggers – as always, if you have any questions, ideas or comments then please any of the committee know

Warwick (Chair) and your committee

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