Malvern Joggers News February 2023

Hi Joggers; well what a great end to the year and the good news is that we’re already in February

First of all, I’d like to mention a couple of things – we’ve had quite a few new members coming along, so a big welcome to you all. We really are a friendly bunch, so enjoy your running & get involved. Members, please look out for newbies (you can spot them!!) – and introduce yourself, say hi and make them feel welcome, thanks

Secondly, I’d just like to remind ourselves that there are still a lot of people that are finding it hard either through personal challenges, health and or course injury issues – so again, please look out for each other, be aware and keep those people engaged and help them where you can – stay positive!!

Ok  – so now…there’s a lot going on as usual, and it’s all good

Facebook page

Whilst we have our very active facebook page “Malvern Joggers Forum”  – where we love seeing all of you post your runs and achievements, so keep doing this….but with so much going on sometimes some announcements get lost. So we now also have this new page – “Malvern Joggers”, which we will use for all club announcements from the committee, so hopefully you won’t miss anything – just follow both!

(1) The Malvern Joggers forum | Facebook

(1) Malvern Joggers | Malvern | Facebook

Membership is Due!

Wow, only £27 per year.. what? I hear you say, is that all it is for all this Type 2 level fun!! (look it up – sometimes sucks while you’re doing it, but it rocks in retrospect! ) Ok so it has gone up £1 this year but that’s only an increase from EA to ensure you are still registered as an athlete – yes, you’re officially “an Athlete” – who new!!

You can sign up to join or renew your membership now, online – Membership Archives – Malvern Joggers

MJ 2023 Charity – The Cart Shed

I’m really pleased to announce that our charity chosen for this year is The Cart Shed. It’s a fantastic local charity based in Herefordshire and any monies we raise this year will go in supporting their great work

The Cart Shed works with adults and young people experiencing mental health difficulties or with those of us who have emotional imbalances in our lives

Woodland wellbeing Herefordshire | The Cart Shed | England


Quiz night – Friday 24th February

Who doesn’t love a quiz night – well personally I’m not great at quizzes, but I do love a club social night, so get yourself signed up! It’s at The Rugby Club and we’ll make teams up on the night for fun. You can sign up here for just £2 each with monies going to The Cart Shed

Malvern Joggers quiz – Malvern Joggers

Club Day 20th Anniversary Event, Sunday 14th May

So… is actually our 20th Anniversary of the Malvern Joggers – how amazing is that; and to celebrate we want to hold a club family day

Make a date in your diary for Sunday 14th May, 2pm onwards at Peachley Farm, Lower Broadheath by very kind courtesy of Henry, Charlotte and family. This will be solely for club members and family members to come along, have a run and then some fun

There’s a lovely 5K course we’ve mapped out over the fields, and from 2.30-4.30, come and see how many times you can run it, or run in a relay, run it slow, run it as fast as you can or just walk it…I don’t really care, just as you come along, give it a go and have some fun. And we’ll also have a 1K race for the “kids”

More details will be announced nearer the day – just get it in your diary

Championship League Dates

Malvern Joggers Group Run Booking Sheet – Google Sheets

Are on the run sheet, but next ones are as follows, but some of these do get sold out

–          12th Feb Muddy Woody

–          18th Feb Woodgate Valley parkrun

–          4th March Rhayader 10k/30k

–          11th March Worcester Pitchcroft parkrun

–          19th March Eastnor 7

Cross Country (XC) Dates

We’re in the Gloucester league and it really is great fun – and for any runner of any standard, so come along and give it a try (might be a bit muddy!)

Next one is 18th February, Cheltenham

cross country – Cross Country (

Malvern Joggers 10K race – Wednesday 28th June 2023

Heads up – The Malvern Joggers 10K race will be on Wednesday 28th June, 2023 – so make a date in your diary, as you’ll either be helping out or running it!!

Tickets are not available yet but will keep you up to date as things get planned

Technical Weeks (Improvers Group)

So it takes different approaches to improve your running!

On Thursdays, Sue Brett is running a 4 weekly programme with different disciplines each week. It’s open to all runners from new runners to those who have been running for years – it should improve your stamina, fitness and confidence in your running

The sessions include hill reps, Speed sessions, fitness session and a dynamic run session – come along and give it a go. It’s on the run sheet at 7pm, Thursdays

So that’s it for now Joggers , have a great week and remember; every day is a good day when you run!

As always, if you have any questions or feedback, just let myself or any member of the committee know

Warwick, Chair, and your committee


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