Up and coming Champs League races

Lets celebrate the 200th park run at Evesham on the 9th of March. On Sunday 24th March is the Pendock Spring Chicken run see https://www.runpendock.co.uk/ for further details. In April its the Droitwich Half Marathon on the 14th and the Cheers 5 on the 22nd.

Wye Valley Brewery Trip Saturday 15th June

Depart Malvern by coach 3.15pm (meet in the Morgan before hand?)Tastings and tour starts 4pm and usually finishes around 6.45pm so back in Malvern circa 7.30pm
Costs unknown at this point but if we have enough interest we aim to fill a coach load.Could folk please contact Paul via Facebook or Carl via the MJ’s Website and lodge your interest. MJ’s have priority over non-MJ’s. I have to let the brewery know quite soon.

VLM-Given the problems we had in 2018 here is a reminder of the entry conditions

VLM General Conditions of Entry

3.3 Participants will have their results annulled and be banned from all future events organised by London Marathon for a period of up to five years if:

3.3.1. Their running number is used by someone else in the event, participating in the event using a number registered to another participant, or using a counterfeit number.

3.3.2. Found to be selling their number to another person

3.3.3. Gaining a Good for Age place using another person’s name

3.3.4. Falsifying information on the entry form

3.3.5. Entering the ballot more than once by using different information.

A second breach of any nature will mean results being annulled and a ban of up to life from all future events.

3.4 Athletics Clubs could find their eligibility for marathon places for the future revoked if:

3.4.1. One or more people from the same Club are found to have been selling, swapping or counterfeiting numbers/entries.

January updates

Circuit training started back at the Dome on the 7th and continues until the 25th of March. Don’t forget we also have also paid to use MSJ sports centre for running and the use of the showers etc on a monday evening.

The AGM is a few weeks hence on the 13th of February at Manor Park. We have organised sandwiches to tempt more folk along from 8.15pm after our club run. Claire Haynes is the only applicant for the Race Captains post. Janet has re-applied for the Kit position, ditto with Jane as secretary, Paul, Sam, Carl, Emily and Jerry have all reapplied for their committee posts. Although Jerry would still like someone to come forward and take on the treasurers role as his work commitments are very demanding at present. If you would like to know more or feel you might be interested then please see Jerry on a club night

Happy New Year 2019

Looking forward to meeting up. Our next Club night is Wednesday 2nd of January and our circuit training recommences on Monday 7th January 7.30pm MSJ Dome. As usual MSJ sports center is open for MJ’s on Mondays as well as our usual Wednesday evenings.

With regards to the AGM on the 13th of February Claire Haynes has applied for the Race Captains post. I plan to stand down as Chairman in 2020. Jerry Greer our treasurer has had a tough year with a new work role demanding more of his time. He would like to step down at some point and has asked if there is an MJ who would like to take on this role? He said training and a transition period would be provided.


AGM update

As detailed previously its at Manor Park on the 13th of February. There is no charity vote as we decided on the Citizens Advice Bureau last year. However as per usual all the committee posts are up for grabs. Any post which has more than one applicant will be subject to a vote at the AGM and online.

Julie has said that after many years of service she is going to step down in 2019, so the Race Captains post will be vacant.

Thus far Janet Baker is applying for the kit organisers post. Jane Spicer is applying for the secretaries role which became vacant during the year. I intend to stand for Chairman in 2019 but would like to step down in 2020. Further details will be posted soon.

Christmas Party Award / Vote Results

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated and the winners of the club awards.

The Winners were:

VLM Ballot Places

Jason Protheroe and Mark Hartland

The Joggers Jogger

Ian Fuller

The Club Person of the Year

Paul Newman

Best Newcomer

Tracy Taylor

Most Improved

Helen Card

Chairman Award

Jerry Greer

The Dream Mile

Looking back on that glorious summer with our club nights bathed in sunshine. There was one event that did not take place as planned. This was the Dream Mile on the 18th of April. We received a number of requests prior and up to the wednesday not to run it as a number of folk were running the London Marathon a few days later and did not want to risk injury. In 2019 we shall move the dream mile into May to avoid this happening again.